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John Bowlby

John Bowlby (1907-1990). You’re gonna have to live with it… you need to know the name. And the date. I wont bore you with the boring stuff about psychoanalysis because, overall, that’s not gonna help you at AS! Bowlby designed a … Continue reading

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Attachment – The Very Basics

At this point the textbook will flood you with references to case studies you haven’t covered and it can make you a little… ARGH. However, I promise not to! For the exam it is advised you learn a definition like … Continue reading

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Evaluation Of The Research Studies Into The Sensitive Period (12)

There are 2 key research studies into the “sensitive period”. These were done by Konrad Lorenz (1935) and Klaus and Kennel (1976). Arguably the most important variable to evaluate is the internal validity of a study. The 2 studies vary … Continue reading

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