Hypothesis – The many types

There are quite a few types of Hypothesis but there is no point carrying on with anything in science if you don’t understand them! Below are the types of Hypothesis you need to know… and remember:

Experimental Hypothesis:

An experimental hypothesis is a statement that predicts a cause and effect relationship.

Such as: “The people that read this article and do not understand will check the example because they are confused.”

Simple as that.

Alternative Hypothesis:

The alternative hypothesis is the hypothesis that does not state a cause and effect relationship.

An example of this is: “The example will be read by a certain group of people.”

This is alternative because I did not state the cause (not understanding the article) would influence the result (Whether they read the example or not).

Null Hypothesis:

A stupid thing to do but is needed in psychology. Something crucial to remember is that you MUST make and state a null hypothesis AS WELL AS an experimental or alternative hypothesis.

The best way to explain the null hypothesis is through an example:

“The amount of people that read the example will not be due to any outside variable”.

This hypothesis is a null hypothesis because it simply said that whatever result we got was just pure luck and did not depend on our independent variable. Whatever happened… just happened because it did.

There are some extra things you NEED to know which can be found HERE. But for now that will get you through the basics!

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